PT. Federal Karyatama

Federal Oil is well known for motor oil in Indonesia. Since 1988, PT. Federal Karyatama has worked hand-in-hand with TMM building their first factory, supplying storage tanks and piping systems, improving technology with blending tanks
and building their second factory in 2009.

Project Experiences and Achievements
• Surpassed client’s expectations through design and construction.
• Together with owner’s team performed overview evaluation and implementation of new technologies that promote the company’s
   production system development.
• Worked efficiently while managing schedule and material wisely.
• Designed and built steel construction, foundations and some specialty civil works.

Solutions Provided
• Together with owner’s team designe the system that would fulfill production requirements.
• Managed project team to work on tight budget and schedule.
• Coordinated the designed systems and installation which minimized pipe works, pumps and operational cost for owners.

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