PT. Trisakti MekarMandiri History
In 1988, a young engineer with a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Indonesia and 16 years of experience in building construction and development, started the company. With the aim of working independently. With God’s blessing, he began the company’s journey using the business name
PT. Trisakti Arta Mekar. The company’s name has since changed to PT. Trisakti Mekarmandiri, however, the focus
remains the same.

The company concentrates its business on mechanical and electrical construction. From the beginning, PT. Trisakti Mekarmandiri’s commitment to deliver the best for its clients was a huge part of its culture. Our detailed material selection, superb installation quality and brilliant technical solutions are some of the reasons that clients have come back to work with us again and again.

After four years of establishing good relationships with clients, employees, business colleagues and suppliers, PT. Trisakti Arta Mekar officially became PT. Trisakti Mekarmandiri. Since 1992, the company, often just referred to as “TMM”, was committed to educating its Indonesian employees to be more independent and responsible workers. The company "PT. Trisakti Mekarmandiri" grew and, in 1994, TMM moved to its new building in Jalan Kedoya Duri.